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welcome to makes no scents.
we are an independent perfume house started by jamie martinez, who is self-taught in all things olfactory. we are currently based in Hollywood and are working on new scents every day.
we strive to make scents that describe experiences and lend themselves to our individual constructions of how we move through the world - we see scent as a constant companion to our everyday performances. 
all perfumes are currently MADE TO ORDER - as such, you may wish to let your perfume purchases from makes no scents macerate (rest in a dark, cool, dry spot - like a drawer/cabinet) for about two weeks prior to wearing. please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.
thank you for visiting makesnoscents.com - hope to hear from you soon!
with care,
the makes no scents team
any feedbacks, questions, comments, qualms, etc. are always appreciated - feel free to reach out to us anytime via our 'contact us' page.
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